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Sea Fishers Limited trawlers are engaged in shrimp trawling from the Bay of Bengal and the products of these trawlers are mostly exported. Sea Resources Limited and Agro Food Services Limited contribute with their white fish trawlers where most of their catch is sold in the domestic market. All our trawlers are equipped with on board processing and freezing. We have multiple shore based cold storage facilities with ~2,000 MT capacity which cater to in-house and external demand.
From two hired trawlers in 1982, SRG now owns the biggest fleet in this sector. We are proud of our contribution in establishing fishing into an industry which is now one of the top foreign currency earners for the country. Seafood product marketing being the main business, Sea Resources Group is actually a conglomerate engaged in deep sea fishing by its fleet of trawlers, processing the harvested products on board, and preserving it for onward delivery to national and international markets. Sea Resources Group ventured into this sector in association with an experienced partner from Thailand. Previously branded as 'Hartford', we have always been the trendsetter in this sector and are now operating the business under our own brands like Sea Fishers, Agro Food Services, and Sea Resources to deliver quality and ensure reliability. Technical, financial and administrative collaboration with the partners have helped the establishment to grow steadfastly. The operations at sea were mostly run by foreign nationals when we were branded as Hartford, and even though we are fully dependent on local talents and resources today, our earlier collaboration has had a huge role to play in getting us where we are now.
Strict adherence to quality control guidelines has contributed to the rapid growth in popularity of the companies under the SRG umbrella. Various factors are taken into account, such as primary freshness, appearance, and all organoleptic tests are done on the deck after harvesting, maintaining the cold chain, grading, packing, confirming gross and net weight while processing, and laboratory testing of finished products while preserving in the chambers of cold storage onshore.


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